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David is a renowned author, speaker and intuitive located in SeattleWashington. With a background in Psychology and a passion for Spirituality, David is the perfect marriage of science and spirit. He has been featured on national television and has a syndicated radio presence with a reach of 10 million listeners.

With me, your trusted Psychic Medium, we can  address the past, gain greater clarity with current situations or issues and then also peek into future possibilities, relationships and life purpose.  It has been my purpose in life to assist people through grief after losing a loved one by re-connecting them and having the conversations they never thought they’d have ever again.  What usually follows after a session with me is a greater sense of peace, healing, mitigation of doubts and a deeper trust in the existence of life after death.  With the help of Spirit, I may provide you with the answers to those lingering questions that are plaguing you.  I’ve found that there’s no limit to the kinds of information you may request from the Universe, I am constantly pleasantly surprised.
To me, Integrity is much more than a state of being, it is being in deep alignment with oneself and with the Universe.  When in this experience of deep alignment you become like a key fitting into the lock that opens up all sorts of support, guidance, energy and abundance for you to thrive; you become a divine expression of the Universe.  I help clients achieve this state of being so they may experience a life beyond their dreams.  It may sound surreal but its true.  Through 1:1 coaching or in any of my workshops, I equip you with the tools necessary for you to cultivate this level of integrity in your life — some tools focus on being positive and others require you to delve into your darker side, your Shadow — and I accompany you the whole way through!
READINGSGet the insights and guidance you want
You’ll probably choose this option in working with me because there’s a current issue that’s leaving you concerned, unsettled, uncertain or doubting your own judgment.  Get clarity in one session!
MEDIUMSHIPReconnect with your loved ones to heal
You’ll select this option if you’re grieving, have unanswered questions, were caught by surprise when a loved one passed away or if you need to know they’re ok.  Get the peace of mind you need!
COACHINGGet clarity on your purposeful path in life
You’ll want this option if you desire to become a creative force in your life.  Aligned with the Universe, connect with your life’s purpose, cultivate effortless integrity, passion and step into your destiny!
SHADOW WORKReclaim your power through your dark side
You’d like this selection if you want to make peace with your past, release guilt or shame, stop playing small, overcome self-sabotage and those patterns that keep you stuck.  Live life on your terms!
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